Chairs all moved and
Glasses marooned and
Our scent consumed in the smoking ends

Seemed the time to
Console your mind to
Clear out our dignified lethargy

This consternation reaps from
Our vacant wind
The bottled residue
Seeping slowly from our hold
Immersing untold truths

I know I’ve marred a little
Scuffed the sparkle off it

Stained walls of this sacrosanct house
Time to leave now
Time to leave now

Doors abused by our
Tampered truths by our
Restless delves into forgone rooms

Bruised remains of my
Faded aims blended
In your home-baked lobotomy

This resolution reeks of
A smouldering lie
My eyes smart from the view
Curtailed by our lazy littered
Fraught and cheaply frittered life

You know this smile is brittle
And yet you still belittle

Dull our future, hold me down to neuter
Leave me be now
Leave me be now
Heeled the turf where
We sank the earth and
Dug up our words lain in ecstasy

Cold and wet and yet
What we meant to get
Diverging from integrity

Your morose weary mind wants
To wear mine dry
My thirst to keep you wet
Draws the smoke right out our clothes
Distilled our dreams and yet

Convulsing honesty reels
Fresh and unmarked ideals

Conceal our bygone screams in teeming cavities
Let us leave now
Let us leave now

© Owen Emmerson & Michael Whitehead (2012)


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